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2012 Analysis & Recommendations

1. Community Involvement

Sustainability programmes are more likely to be successful if they are designed and delivered around the needs and aspirations of local communities and give people a stake and a share of benefits. Working at a neighbourhood level can help identify local priorities and opportunities, integrate planning and delivery of upgrades and use peer to peer activity to influence behaviour change. This working group assessed how the Council could use existing networks and partnerships, or support the creation of new ones, in order to bring about borough-wide involvement in achieving 40:20.

Community_Involvement Briefing (PDF, 82KB)

Community Involvement Submission to Carbon Commission (PDF, 591KB)

Working Group Members: Quentin Given, Friends of the Earth; Natalie Butler, Environmental Resources Officer, LBH; Daisy Byaruhanga, Innovative Vision for African Communities; Liz Cox, New Economics Foundation; Judy Hallgarten, Groundwork north London; Haringey Youth Climate Change Ambassadors; Anastasia Harrison, Transition Highgate; Cara Jenkinson, Muswell Hill Sustainability Group; Leon Joseph, Community Participation Officer, LBH; Jude Luckett, London Sustainability Exchange; Loreana Padron, Architect; Adam Parvez, Environmental Resources Officer, LBH; Sofie Pelsmaker, Architect; Nicky Price, Tottenham Traders Association; Ruth Schamroth, Muswell Hill resident; Vickie Schellert, Haringey TimeBank; Derrick Walker, Tottenham resident.

2. Low Carbon Investment

Evidence from carbon reduction scenario modelling indicates that over £400m investment will be required in Haringey to achieve our 40% carbon reduction target. This would allow for energy efficiency improvements to buildings and the development of low carbon, decentralised energy networks. This working group was asked to develop clear recommendations with respect to the role of the council, the types of financial models that could be applied, decentralised energy schemes and Green Deal within both the social and private housing sectors.

Low_Carbon_Investment_Briefing (PDF, 81KB)

Low_carbon_Investment_Prospectus_and_meeting_agenda, (PDF,168KB)

Low_Carbon_Investment_Submission to Carbon Commission(PDF, 885KB)

Working Group Members: Prashant Vaze, Consumer Focus; Jonathan Boswell, Highgate Climate Action Network; Mathew Gaynor, Head of Finance, Place and Sustainability, LBH; Michael King, Combined heat and power Association; Kelly Lee, British Gas; Minka McInerney, Environmental Resources Officer, LBH; Duncan Price, CAMCO Global; Justine Prain, CAMCO Global; Jessica Sherlock, Carbon Management Policy & Projects Manager, LBH.

3. Sustainable Transport

Carbon reduction scenario modelling for Haringey indicates that current proposals can deliver a 17.5% reduction in transport CO2 emissions by 2020. Of this two thirds of the ground-based transport carbon emissions achievable by 2020 are from EU, national and committed Transport for London (TfL) measures with one third attributed to schemes outlined in Haringey’s Transport Strategy. An additional 10% reduction in CO2 emissions could be achieved through further investment in schemes such as personalised travel planning and efficient driver training, further expansion of controlled parking zones and the introduction of low carbon bus corridors. It has been estimated that this would require at least £750,000 additional funding and extensive partnership working with external bodies, including TfL, local businesses and car manufactures. This working group will brought together local and regional experts to discuss how to bring in investment and take forward schemes in Haringey.

Sustainable_Transport Briefing(PDF, 75KB)

Sustainable Transport Submission to Carbon Commission (PDF, 100KB)

Working Group Members: Cllr Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member for the Environment;Haringey Transport Forum members

4. Green Enterprise

This group was asked to recommend actions that could promote and deliver green businesses, green skills and green jobs. In the transition to a low carbon economy the Carbon Commission will need to consider approaches, models and programmes that will stimulate growth, develop new skills, and be innovative and ground breaking. Similar to the Green Enterprise District in East London Haringey wants to:

  • build a vibrant local economy with a clear focus on green enterprise and
  • develop a sustainable environment where people want to live, work and visit.

Green_Enterprise_Briefing (PDF, 75KB)

Green_Enterprise_Submission to Carbon Commission (PDF, 123KB)

Working Group Members: Ian Short, Institute for Sustainability;Rory Bergin; Billy Devine, CONEL; Ben Earl, B and Q; Lawrence Hewitt, Economic Policy Officer, LBH; Debbie Jackson; Nicky Price, Tottenham Traders Association; Andrew Raingold, Aldersgate Group; Ellen Scrimgeour, North London Business; Cllr Alan Strickland, Cabinet Member for Regeneration; Martin Tucker, Economic Development Manager, LBH; Ambrose Quashie, Business and Employment Initiative Officer, LBH.

5. Sustainable Regeneration in Tottenham

Tottenham High Road area is one of the most deprived areas in London and has been heavily damaged by the recent London riots. The area will need to be upgraded in order to increase the quality and supply of housing, support a flourishing local economy, produce low carbon heat and electricity, adapt to climate change, improve transport networks and enhance the well-being of communities.

This working group was be asked to develop a vision of how the Council and partners can increase the prosperity of the area while achieving a challenging carbon reduction target for the borough as a whole. Recommendations resulting from the Low carbon investment, Green Enterprise, Sustainable Transport and Community Involvement Working Groups will be given consideration for their practical application to the Tottenham area.

Tottenham_Low_Carbon_Integration Briefing (PDF, 76KB)

Integrated delivery in Tottenham Final Submission to Carbon Commission(PDF, 715KB)

Working Group Members: Chris Brown, Igloo Regeneration; Steve Boniface, Diamond Build plc; Juilet Codet-Boisse, Bio-Regional; Mick Hale, Diamond Build plc; Judith Hannah, Natural England, and Clyde Road Residents Association; Bryn Lockwood, Sustrans; Leyla Laksari, Living Under One Sun; Anne Lippit, Team Tottenham Director, LBH; Peter Maddison, Homes for Haringey; Sona Matahni, The Selby Trust; John Norman, Team Tottenham, LBH