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About This Site

Accessibility statement

Our site is for all people. It has been designed with our target users in mind and is designed to be accessible for a wide audience – regardless of ability. This includes providing access for people with disabilities who may have special needs. Our new site does not use tables for layout, which helps to make it more accessible. We have also created a simplified template which will display correctly on most smartphone browsers.

How do people with disabilities use the internet

People with disabilities, such as a visual impairment, may use assistive technologies to use the internet. Assistive technologies are products used by people with disabilities to help accomplish tasks that they cannot do easily otherwise.

Assistive technology comes in many different forms, some of these include:

  • Speech synthesis (speech output)
  • Alternative keyboards or switches
  • Braille and refreshable Braille
  • Screen magnifiers
  • Sound notification
  • Screen readers
  • Speech recognition
  • Text browsers
  • Voice browsers

The Haringey Climate Forum website has been built so that people using the technologies listed above can access and use the information available.