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40:20 Foundations

The original work to drive the 40% by 2020 carbon reduction programme, was used by the Carbon Commission looked at to help shape their recommendations,was extensive, and much is still relevant in 2020. 

The details of the workshops etc are at 2012 Founding Events and the documents produced are at 2012 Documents, 2012 Analysis and Recommendations and at 2012 Framework Studies.

  • Local Carbon Framework Studies, funded by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. These studies can be downloaded and read on the 2012 Framework Studies page.
  • Themed Working Groups on five important areas of consideration. The reports produced by each group and individuals who provided a wealth of information, local knowledge and expertise, as well as their own time to support the Carbon Commission, are listed under each working group and we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to all of them. These can be found at 2012 Analysis and Recommendations page.

The resulting recommendations developed by the Carbon Commission were considered by the council and 40:20 Haringey Climate Forum Community Steering Group in autumn 2012 and used to develop a 40:20 Action Plan for Haringey.