Aims & Activities

  • Imagine electric cars, state of the art buses and cyclists move fluidly and quietly along Green Lanes and Crouch End High Street. People walking and cycling to work in Tottenham’s thriving green business sector. The view from Alexandra Palace glistens with solar panels crowning the rooftops, producing clean electricity. Our homes are warm and cosy in winter and our energy bills are lower!

    This is the Haringey we can create if we choose to – cleaner, greener and more prosperous.

The Haringey Climate Forum aims to achieve these, by working with Haringey Council to achieve as much as possible. The Council needs support from the UK Government, but also support from Haringey people. We all need to work together to tackle all the sectors that are causing greenhouse gases to damage our climate, waste that pollutes our roads, rivers and oceans and particulates that cause air pollution. The Zero Carbon Haringey pages go into detail of the global and national context and actions in Haringey on these topics:

  • Green Travel
  • Green Spaces
  • Local Food
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Health and Wellbeing 

(sections being progressively populated)

Most of these topics are addressed by Haringeys’ (draft) Zero Carbon plans, though it’s primary focus on carbon reduction means that Nature and Wellbeing do not have specific action plans. The Council is currently working on a revised Biodiversity Action Plan.