Zero Carbon Haringey

The Climate Emergency and Haringey’s response

Haringey Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ on 18th March 2019. Joining councils up and down the country. See the list of all Councils here. The motion stated :

“In Haringey, the consequences of inaction to address this emergency will include:

  • Increased risk of flooding, subsidence, and damage to buildings and infrastructure.
  • Health problems, particularly for children, the disabled and older people.
  • Higher energy and food costs.
  • Increases in social injustice and inequality.

The webcast here captures the occasion. The school students begin at 00:11:05 , and the motion at 02:14:00.

The Haringey Climate Change Action Plan

At this meeting the Council approved the publication of Climate Change Action Plan A Route Map for a Zero Carbon Haringey for consultation, which stregthened the previous Zero Carbon by 2050 plan. It has action plans with objectives, owners, costs etc under these categories:

– Council (page 13)
– Our Housing Stock (page 18)
– Non-Domestic Emissions (page 24)
– Transport (page 29)
– Energy (page 35)
– Community (page 39)

  • Council activities: aiming at zero carbon by 2027
  • Borough wide activities: aiming at 10% of 2005 levels by 2041 (p7). 
  • Urgency. In the context of the emergency, to deliver actions urgently, rather than a linear decline (p4)
  • The carbon emissions in scope for action are 1)Direct emissions from sources Haringey owns and controls e.g. fuel. 2) Indirect emissions from electricity, heating and cooling; 3) Carbon emissions where under Haringey Council control –  i.e. other indirect emissions eg waste, aviation, diets and behaviour change. 
  • Out of scope are ecological loss, pollutants, aviation, shipping other greenhouse gases. (p6)

Haringey Council has published Carbon Action plans since 2011, and these can be seen at Annual Carbon Reports .

Other Haringey publications:

  • Carbon Action plans since 2011, which can be seen at Annual Carbon Reports .
  • Haringey Good Economic Recovery Plan was published in Sept 2020 and can be seen here.

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