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Messages to COP26 in Glasgow

The people at the festival sent messages on posters, post-its and by public discourse to COP26.

• UK. Lead by example. 1. No cheap home flights. No coal from Cumbria. No Cambo oil. 2. Green jobs, more training for retrofit and renewables installed.
• No more coal in Cumbria. No cheap domestic flights. Do the right thing.
• I want a message of hope and opportunity (we can do this together)
• Take care of the next generations
• Young people like myself would like a hethyer [sic] planet (aged 7)
  YY aged 8
• Dear COP26 delegates. Listen to the science. Make change happen now before it is far more disruptive for everyone
• UK Government. Listen to the science on best way to handle waste. Stop new capacity whether private, public, approved on data from the mists of time
• BE BRAVE. ACT NOW. Capitalism isn’t worth it!

I am sorry my friends
I didn’t want to startle you, when you were having such a fine time, but this is an emergency
Your house is all on fire, and if we do not rise up now all this will turn to ashes
Drilling for oil, and digging for coal, and now they also fracking for shale/
Nationwide, in the countryside, they cut the whole forest down, yeah it’s ecocide!