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The products featured in this Muswell Hill Sustainability Group leaflet are listed below with links. No responsibility is accepted for these specific products, which are for example only. as searching on the internet will discover alternative products.

To download full flyer with the reverse side which has links to help with bills click here.


Keeping heat in and cold out

Draughts – round windows, under doors, through letterboxes, up chimneys. The Centre for Sustainable Energy leaflet on Draught Proofing has the most common draught-zones … and DIY solutions to dealing with them.. click here.

Stop Heat going out of the window

Closed thick curtains eg Dunelms click here

Self adhesive draught seal eg B&Q click here

Filmglaze Transparent layer of film click here

Stop heat going out the door

Draught Excluders door seals eg B&Q click here

Letterboxes with brushes eg Screwfix click here

Catflap eg Ecoflapdirect click here

‘Sausage’ stuffed fabric draught excluder. Make yourself or eg Etsy click here

Stop Cold coming up through the floor

Wood floor sealant eg No Nonsense click here

Rugs or carpets eg Ikea click here

Floorboard draught seal for gappy boards eg Stopgap click here

Reflect back heat from radiators

Radiator foil Eg Insulation Superstore click here

Bleed Radiators – as per Centre for Sustainable Energy click here 

Stop Heat going up the chimney

Chimney Umbrella click here.

Chimney ballooon click here

Chimsoc click here

Chimney Sheep click here

Using less energy

Light Bulbs

Eg from LEDHut click here.

B22 bayonet 8.5W non-dim

E27 screw 8.5W non-dim £2.19;

GU10 twist and lock 4.2W non-dim £1.69


Turn down your mean flow temperature as per Energy Guide click here

Turn down your thermostat as per Money Savings Guide click here

Install a smart thermostat eg Hive Home click here

Shower with less water

Eco Shower heads eg Supersoftshower click here 

Hang up wet washing rather than tumble dry

Garden washing lines and indoor racks eg Good Energy tips click here  and Sheila Maid overhead rack click here

Microwave rather than use oven

as explained at Confused About Energy click here 


For further information about the 2022 Energy Crisis and bigger measures that homeowners can take click here.

Haringey Climate Forum’s page on The 2022 Energy Crisis.

What is happening in Haringey, London and UK wide to address the crisis?

What can you do? Small measures with great effect, homeowners big measures?